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Services We Provide

From releveling your billiard table or replacing the felt to disassembling it and moving it to a new home, Altman's has you covered. Our crew has been doing these service calls day-in and day-out for years. There's no job we can't handle.

Please give our store a call at 309-663-8553 with your request and we'll be able to give you an estimate that covers all aspects to get the job done and done right- guaranteed. 

Table Storage

Kept on a crate in our warehouse. This does not include disassemble and reassemble. $100 for the 1st month, $75 for each succeeding month. 


General Service Call

We'll assess the situation and determine what further action is required.


House to House Move

Single trip. Disassembly and transportation of table to another location. Includes re-leveling of slate and table. Does not include new cloth or rubber.



Releveling slate and table may vary, this may require removing rails and felt. New felt not included.


Felt Recovery

Includes removing old felt from slate and rails and replacing with new felt. Does not include releveling of slate or table. Does not include new rubber.


Table Disassembly

Take apart a table leaving individual parts: slate, cabinet, legs, rails, pockets and stacking them together neatly. Does not include wrapping or crating of parts. Relocating of parts not included.


Table Reassembly

Take individual parts of a table and put them all back together. Includes releveling of the slate. New cloth or rubber not included.


In-House Table Move

This service is only available on flued carpet without pad. No hardwood or vinyl floors. Simple move of table from one location to another within the same house on casters or sliders. Releveling included.


Rubber with Felt Recovery

Requires felt recovery. Replace rubber and recover rails with new felt.


Recovery with Move or Reassemble

While we have your table disassembled we'll replace the felt.


Disassemble Table and Crate Parts

Take apart table and crate each piece of slate individually. Disassemble rest of table leaving individual parts stacked neatly together. Moving of parts not included.


New Flooring Job

Getting new flooring in your house and need your table moved? This includes a disassemble and reassemble over 2 different trips. Time span is 1 hour for the first trip, 2.5 hours for the second.

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